Colors and scents for proper nutrition

The complete line Riso Nuvola ,includes a selection of “Nero” rice and “Ermes” rice, dedicated to those who love whole grain flavors, to those who enhance all the elements of food, two varieties that lend themselves to the most delicious and original preparations.


It’s Italian black rice, born from the cross between a variety of rice typical of Padana Plain and an Asian variety of black rice. Its name suggests the connection with the goddess of beauty and takes us back to the days when they were attributed to this rice aphrodisiac properties.

Today we are well known that its color is determined by the presence of polyphenol molecules and anthocyanins, that perform antioxidant and anti-cancer actions. Scented and tasty, "Nero" rice combines the taste with the pleasure of eating healthy.


From the natural intersection of Venus rice and a long grain rice, this rice isborn with a very particular flavor and aroma, which owes its color to the richness of anthocyanins.

It is also a source of vitamins, minerals and fiber; a valuable ally for all those who follow controlled dietary regimens.

Its red color is given by the coating, called “pericarpo”, which is left intact after the first stage of processing.

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